CasePointer Camps

Name Type Links Created Developer Comment
camp10 nmi site 2024-04-18 Vincent Martin nmi for kdhe
camp11 epitrax site 2024-02-07 Vincent Martin test nmi for co
camp12 emsa site 2023-12-15 Vincent Martin emsa security
camp13 nmi site 2024-02-07 Vincent Martin CO NMI for camp 11
camp15 epitrax site 2024-02-15 Vincent Martin test co-0.2.17
camp16 epitrax site 2023-12-28 Gered King testing fresh epitrax camp
camp21 mirth site 2024-03-01 Selva Arumugam Mirth Repo
camp22 epitrax site 2023-11-15 Selva Arumugam Test disable seal break
camp23 nv-epitrax site 2023-11-16 Kursat Aydemir Kursat NV camp
camp24 drp site 2024-03-05 Pranesh Palanisamy KDHE v2 Portal debugging
camp26 mirth site 2023-10-20 Kevin Quaranta Jr mirth
camp29 mirth site 2024-03-12 Selva Arumugam Migration Experiment
camp30 emsa site 2023-10-20 Kevin Quaranta Jr EMSA for fixing camps
camp32 epitrax site 2023-10-20 Kevin Quaranta Jr EpiTrax for fixing camps
camp34 drp site 2024-01-09 Alexis Sarthou Alexis' Portal camp
camp37 epitrax site 2024-03-25 Selva Arumugam CasePointer EpiTrax
camp39 drp site 2024-01-12 Alexis Sarthou Nevada Portal
camp40 emsa site 2023-10-23 Kevin Quaranta Jr 2nd EMSA for fixing camps
camp41 drp site 2024-03-27 Pranesh Palanisamy KDHE Portal Expansion Demo
camp42 epitrax site 2024-01-12 Alexis Sarthou Alexis EpiTrax
camp43 emsa site 2024-01-12 Alexis Sarthou Alexis EMSA
camp45 kdhe-epitrax site 2023-10-24 Kursat Aydemir Kursa kdhe camp
camp46 epitrax site 2023-04-20 Edgar Salazar Edgar DevCamp
camp51 epitrax site 2023-11-29 Zed Jensen EMSA test camp
camp52 mirth site 2023-11-29 Zed Jensen Mirth testing
camp53 emsa site 2023-11-29 Zed Jensen EMSA testing
camp57 train-epitrax site 2023-05-17 Edgar Salazar Edgar Train Camp
camp59 epitrax site 2023-12-04 Zed Jensen Keycloak user export
camp60 epitrax site 2023-10-19 Gered King testing
camp61 epitrax site 2023-10-31 Theo Dimov NVital Stats Test Enviroment
camp62 nv-epitrax site 2024-04-04 Vincent Martin fix spelling and update email
camp63 kdhe-epitrax site 2024-04-04 Zed Jensen Merge request testing
camp64 kdhe-epitrax site 2024-04-03 Theo Dimov Kansas Epitrax Dev Camp
camp65 nv-epitrax site 2024-04-02 Theo Dimov Nevada Epitrax Dev Camp
camp66 nmi site 2023-08-04 Edgar Mlowe Case Pointer NMI for debugging purposes
camp67 mirth site 2023-08-09 Edgar Mlowe Mirth camp for debugging purposes
camp68 kdhe-epitrax site 2023-11-07 Theo Dimov CR04 Blood Lead Test Env
camp72 kdhe-epitrax site 2024-04-04 Vincent Martin CR10 Notices
camp75 epitrax site 2024-01-23 Josh Tolley Export tool testing
camp76 epitrax site 2024-01-29 Jacob Minshall EpiTrax Camp
camp78 emsa site 2024-01-30 Jacob Minshall EMSA Camp
camp79 epitrax site 2024-01-30 Zed Jensen Demo database, for report URL configuration testing
camp80 cons-epitrax site 2023-10-19 Kursat Aydemir Consortium mirror
camp81 mirth site 2024-02-01 Alexis Sarthou Alexis Mirth
camp83 epitrax site 2023-10-12 Kursat Aydemir Kursat new camp
camp89 kdhe-epitrax site 2024-02-05 Selva Arumugam EpiTrax KDHE CR Medicaid
camp91 kdhe-epitrax site 2024-04-12 Vincent Martin new main
camp92 epitrax site 2024-04-15 Josh Tolley Test synthetic data generation
camp93 nmi site 2024-02-07 Edgar Mlowe test value set upload
camp94 cons-epitrax site 2024-04-18 Josh Tolley form data refactor tests
camp96 emsa site 2023-05-11 Edgar Mlowe Test MDHSS EMSA
camp97 epitrax site 2023-05-11 Edgar Mlowe MDHSS EMSA Test
camp99 drp site 2023-11-09 Jon Jensen DRP with config

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